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If you are an influencer with United States traffic or have a website with traffic relevant to our brand of Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD, then our Affiliate Program could be an opportunity to help you monetize your traffic. Possibly earn huge commissions on the products you already love.    

We offer over 18 distinct products in our collection grown/manufactured in the USA and made with hemp-based CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and pet drops/treatments. We’re confident you’ll find the right products for your discerning audience and your CBD traffic.

Here are some benefits that ALL affiliate members enjoy:

– 15% commission per total cart sale to start. As your sales increase, your tiered commissions will also rocket

– 30 day cookie

– 24/7 access to customizable sales tracking and tracking tools

– Video Marketing

– Marketing Creatives that will resonate with your traffic/audience

We are excited to start doing business together!

What are you waiting for?  You could be earning money with CBD 4 My Wellbeing’s Affiliate Program now!

* Medical Compliance: We do not allow any medical claims to be made in our affiliate content. These medical claims refer to any page where an affiliate link to our program is posted. If there are medical claims on this page, you will receive a notice. If this happens again, we may suspend or permanently ban you from promoting our program in the future. Medical claims refer to the suggestion that CBD or hemp helps and/or cures an ailment, condition, or disease. This includes things like “PTSD” and “Anxiety”. There is NO THC in our products.  Further details will be provided upon acceptance of the Affiliate Program.

Please email if you have any questions.

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